There are days when I yearn for home. Not home as in my cocoon in Alabama. Or my safe haven in Pennsylvania.
I’m talking about my heavenly home. My home where my friends and family have gone before me and where I will meet my Savior face to face. Where I will be free to sing His praises all day long.
This world is not our final home.
I believe that God allows us moments in our lives that help us to refocus and remember that our home awaits us. That this is not our home.
It is when we get too comfortable with our lives and think that we would rather have this life than any other that God gives us a good shake.
Father, I’m yearning for you. For my home with you.

Whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, takes off your relish for spiritual things, whatever increases the authority of the body over the mind, that thing is sin to you, however innocent it may seem in itself.
Susanna Wesley

You cannot complete me, I cannot complete you.

A relationship cannot make two individuals whole, that is why we must be willing to give over our whole lives, even the life of the one person you love most, to Christ.

If you seek salvation in the arms of another, you will find more brokenness, but if you seek Christ, you will find grace; and that is of monumental importance in any relationship.

I can say you are beautiful, but the reality is that Christ offers more than words; that is greater than anything in this soul can offer.

If I am to love you, I must point you daily to the Father. If I am to care for you, I must be Christ daily. If I am to honor and cherish your heart, I must be willing to surrender it to Christ daily.

No other cornerstone is a relationship, or a single life, more worthy to be built on than the cornerstone of Christ.

T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

Beautifully said. Christ is everything. All that we need.

It’s mid-day and we’re waiting on the train
The train to take us to the city
And as I look at you I can’t help but pray
I pray to see your face every day

It’s midnight and I’m starring at the stars
The stars that shine so brightly
And as I look at them I’m acutely aware
I’m not where you are

The simple words you say
The kind acts you do
The many lives you touch
Are all important to you

I can see it in your eyes
That you don’t even know
You don’t even know how you move me
And so I pray…
I pray to see your face everyday

It brings tears to my eyes to know my secrets lie on golf courses and pay phones, flower pots and ferry boats, and that I may never rekindle the flames of earlier fires. It burns my soul to the last shred and leaves me physically weak and spent. The light slanting through the moss creating a lane of shadows as you walk. The sweet scent of azaleas in the rain. The humid air that makes me long for water. The melody of crickets cacophony in the brush when dark has dawned and the night is still. The smell of salt lingering in the air and the aroma of sea life drying on the beach create this all encompassing heaven of mine. And so is the dream that was torn away from my grip. The one it seems I’ll never live in again. It is my paradise. The life I long to live.
All time was suspended when with much tenderness, he cupped my face in his hands and asked me, “What do you want?” His blue eyes pierced my soul and made me dig deep in myself in search of the answer. Everything around us seemed to hold its breath, in wait for my response. And in that moment, it dawned on me that no one had ever cared enough to ask me this before.